What should I wear to my bridal appointment?

Unless you’re a model, a film star or an actual real-life princess, having people buzzing around you with different designer wedding dresses to try on might be a pretty unfamiliar feeling. Never fear: bridal appointments at our boutique are very relaxed affairs.

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It’s our mission to take the pomp and pretence out of wedding dress shopping. Our bridal boutique has its own super-spacious fitting room completely separate from the main showroom, so you and your entourage can feel relaxed and undisturbed during your appointment.

Before you get set, here’s a quick guide to what to wear to your first bridal appointment.

See you at the shop,

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Trying on Wedding Dresses – The 3 Things to Wear

#1 – The Right Underwear

Thinking about wearing those lucky pants (the ones with the teddy bears) that you first met Mr/Mrs Right in? Hey, as long as you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable. Just bear in mind we’re going to see you in them!

Our designer wedding dresses are made from delicate luxury fabrics including silk and lace, so nude or light-coloured underwear – ideally seamless – is usually your best bet. No VPL, no danger.

Up top, remember that the bra you wear will have a big impact on how your dress sits and how confident you feel in it. So think about wearing a bra that fits well and gives you the shape you’re imagining for your big day.

If you’ve got your mind set on a strapless wedding dress as an option, stick a strapless or stick-on bra in your handbag for the appointment, too.

For your wedding day itself, our full range of bridal accessories includes petticoats to complete your look.


#2 – Light Makeup

As you’ll be trying on sample wedding dresses from our designers, it’s a good idea to keep your makeup minimal. That way there’s much less chance of marking any of the samples as you’re taking them on and off.

Foundation/base can be especially tricky, so keep the layers light if possible.

Fake tan can easily smear onto the light fabrics, too, so we’d recommended laying off the spray/bottle until after your appointment. The wedding dress gods will thank you!


#3 – Spare a Thought for Shoes

You probably won’t have even starting the search for your wedding shoes at this stage, but it’s worth thinking about the look you’re wanting to achieve.

The height of your bridal shoes is especially important. Don’t worry about bringing a bag full of heels with you: we have pairs for you to try on in the fitting room to get a good idea of how footwear and dress will match up.

And if you’ve bought your shoes already, do bring them along with you so we can see how they look with the different hems of your wedding dress options.


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