3 Top Tips for the Best Bridal Appointment Entourage

Walking into a bridal boutique for a wedding dress appointment can be exciting, nerve-wracking, or a bit of both. It could be the day you find the one! No pressure then.


Help! Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?

Wedding dress shopping is a rare and very personal experience. You’ve probably got some of your closest family and friends lined up to bring along to your bridal appointment so you can share the moment with them.

You want to get it right, though. Not just for you, but for your parents, besties, grandma, annoying little sister, boss, that aunt who isn’t really an aunt, badminton coach, etc.

And that’s not always easy. In 2017 a Love My Dress survey showed that ‘dealing with expectations of friends/family’ came second only to budgeting in future brides’ least favourite areas of planning a wedding. ‘Keeping everyone happy’ came in at number 3. And both of those things apply big-time when it comes to choosing a wedding dress.

We get it. We want your bridal appointment to be as excellent a use of your time as can be. That’s why we’ve come up with our top 3 tips for putting together an elite appointment entourage!

If you still have any questions before booking an appointment with us, just let me know. I’ll get back to you in one working day, tops.

Jess x

How to get the most out of your bridal appointment entourage

#1 – Don’t spoil that bridal broth, girl!

If you’ve seen Bridesmaids, you’ll know that bringing your entire squad with you to the bridal shop can get a bit, erm, messy.

We love welcoming brides and their loved ones to the boutique. We also know what it’s like trying to manage/balance the expectations of others, and we don’t want your appointment to stray into ‘too many cooks’ territory. Buying your wedding dress can already feel overwhelming at the best of times! That’s why the focus needs to be on you and your wedding dress. We want to keep it that way.

So all you really need is one or two trusted friends or family members whose opinions you value, who will tell it to you straight, and who can best help you work through your decisions.

Combine that with our relaxed, no-fluff style and beautiful Peak District setting, and you’ll be fine and dandy.

#2 – Plan in some downtime together

If time allows, factor in a bit of extra time after your bridal appointment to get some countryside air and chat with your crew about where your head’s at.

We’re lucky enough to have the delightful Devonshire Arms pub and its garden only yards from our front door. Ideal for drinks and decision-making. Or there’s the Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop just a few minutes’ walk away for take-home gifts and devour-now scrummies.

Or just go for a little wander and take in views like this one.


Feel like making a proper Derbyshire day of it? Here’s our guide to things to do and places to eat in and around Pilsley.

#3 – Coming on your own is more than fine, too.

If it’s not your style, don’t feel as if you need to bring a full-scale entourage with you to your appointment. Plenty of our brides-to-be come along solo.

Bear in mind how you would shop for clothes normally. Is it something you do with a group of gal-pals? Or is it much-loved me-time? (I’m a way better clothes shopper without anyone else’s opinion!) If you apply the same logic to your wedding dress shopping, chances are you’ll find the experience a whole lot easier.

Plus, even if you want to come on your own for your first bridal appointment, there’s always the opportunity to come back for a second visit with family or friends once you have some dress ideas to wow them with.

We love a bit of tradition-breaking, too, so why not bring your groom-to-be – or your bride-to-be – along to your appointment?

Ready for a preview of what’s in store?