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Our bridal collection is a hand-picked selection of beautiful wedding dresses from designers like Charlie Brear, Eliza Jane Howell, Jesus Peiro, and Rembo Styling. Want to try them all on? Me too! (I promise I haven’t.)

Whether you're looking for a touch of vintage lace, some boho flow, or ultra-contemporary chic, we can help.

All the wedding dresses on show in our bridal boutique have been carefully selected to cater for brides who want luxury design that fit with their own personal style.

We offer three different ways to buy your wedding dress:

  1. Made to Order – we order your dress and the designer makes it in a standard size for you.

  2. Made to Measure – we take select body measurements and the dress is tailor-made to them by the designer.

  3. Off the Peg – we offer sample or discontinued dresses (often only tried on a few times) for you to buy and take away at a discount.

With prices ranging from £1,200 to £3,000 for a made-to-order dress, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Looking to spend less on your dress? Take a look at our Outlet for some true designer bargains.


Our Bridal Dress Designers

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