Shoot #4 – Poppy Field Pop-Up

I love the contrast of the structured Jesus Peiro 121 gown with the vibrancy of the poppy field. Shame you’re already married Liv!

Earlier this summer we were outside the shop and couldn’t help noticing a blaze of red poppies growing in a field on the other side of the valley. Figuring the poppies were somewhere between the nearby villages of Baslow and Hassop, we hopped in our little jeep and set off to investigate.

A week or so later, we were back with a whole crew in tow: my best bud Liv in a Jesus Peiro 121 bridal dress, our photographer pal Alex Toft, and our very own DRONE PILOTS from Bowring Productions. And watch out for a cameo appearance by Maple the jackapoo!

We’re still going through the video footage from the drone, but while you wait here are the highlights from our day of poppy-field frolics. Derbyshire never looked so good!

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