NEW Anna Kara Designer Day!

The Roma wedding dress by Anna Kara, in store on Saturday 9th November only!

The Roma wedding dress by Anna Kara, in store on Saturday 9th November only!

Anna Kara Wedding Dresses In Store – One Day Only

I’m always on the lookout for exciting new bridalwear designers, so I’m thrilled to announce our Anna Kara trunk show on Saturday 9th November!

Anna Kara is a hot young designer originally from Krakow in Poland. Her bridalwear graces top boutiques in the UK, Europe, the US and Canada. I’d describe her bridal style as ethereal but sexy, with lots of lace on skin to soften plunge necklines, as well as cleverly draped tulle to accentuate your natural curves.

Designer trunk show expert? Skip ahead to cast your eyes over the beautiful Anna Kara gowns we’ll have in the boutique for you to try on.

A trunk what, you say? Trunk shows, aka designer days, are when – for a limited time only – we get hold of wedding dresses that we wouldn’t usually have in store. Talk about exclusive…

Sometimes they’re new dresses from our existing designers, but on very special occasions they’re from a brand new designer, as is the case here with Anna Kara. Essentially they’re a chance for us to test the market for a new bridal designer, and for brides to get their hands on something just that little bit different in a very hush-hush, I’m-in-on-a-secret kind of way.

It’s like that feeling you get when you pick up one of the Special Buys in Aldi. Only way, way better.

Don’t forget this is a one-day-only thing, so remember to select 9th November when booking!


Anna Kara Designer Day Dresses – New for 2020

Anna Kara Chey


Anna Kara Jude


Anna Kara Charlotte


Anna Kara Jess

(I promise I didn’t pick the name!!)


Anna Kara Roma


Anna Kara Eveline

Like what you see? Book in for 9th November!


Anna Kara Designer Day Dresses – 2019 Collection

Anna Kara Effie


Anna Kara Ariane


Anna Kara Shiloah


Anna Kara Grisel


Anna Kara Heather


Anna Kara Gail