“A fabulous experience“

“I had a fabulous experience in your lovely shop and am so pleased you introduced me to the Charlie Brear collection, which I loved! I felt amazing in the Haliton and just wish I could wear it again!“

— Anna, 2019

Jessica SeamanAlexandra Anne
"So many beautiful pieces"

“Coming to your beautiful boutique was one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding experience. Thank you for all your help in finding my dream wedding dress – you are so patient and knowledgeable, I felt utterly relaxed. You have so many beautiful pieces – it was great to try on options so we could confirm our fave!“

— Annabel, 2019

"Can't begin to thank you enough"

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help with my wedding dress. You really went the extra mile to ensure it was perfect – and it really was. Getting to have a laugh with you and being welcomed with your friendly smile each time meant more than you can imagine.”

— Stacia, 2019

"Miles apart from anywhere else"

“Honestly the experience was miles apart from anywhere else we went! My wedding dress is perfect, I adore it and I will miss the trips to Alexandra Anne. It has been a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I found my dress at your amazing bridal boutique.” — Emma, 2019

"Madly in love"

“Madly in love with my wedding dress and Alexandra Anne. It’s such a beautiful place to buy your special dress. I found the wedding dress shopping experience a bit deflating until I stepped into Alexandra Anne and that’s when our dream wedding started to take shape.” — Jo, 2019

"I loved the experience"

“I went to 3 bridal boutiques – Alexandra Anne was the third and final one. It is such a lovely boutique in a quaint village on the Chatsworth Estate. The wedding dresses were all so beautiful. I loved the experience and I was so glad I got to go back a couple more times after the initial visit to see Jess and the shop.”

— Lauren, 2019

"Can’t recommend highly enough"

“I’m so pleased I found my wedding dress here. I felt relaxed, not rushed and with someone who genuinely cared about helping me find the right one. Friendly and professional service, competitive prices and in a beautiful setting on the Chatsworth Estate which all makes for a lovely day out with family or friends. Can’t recommend highly enough.” — Sue, 2017