Rembo Styling

Think: Boho, soft flowing fabrics with unusual laces and some of the most beautiful low backs in bridal wear. Wander into your wedding in their lace bomber jacket... #Wants/Needs

Designed with passion in Belgium and made with love in Portugal.

Since 2017 we've been besotted with this wonderful and refreshing collection. The Rembo philosophy is to take risks, set trends and continue to surprise brides with creations that have never been seen before, and they're committed to creating an artistic and unique collection for the truly modern bride.

With a style to suit every bride, this collection has both a softness and an edginess that makes the dresses contemporary and timeless in one fell swoop!

Our Rembo Styling Wedding Dresses

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Charlie Brear

Think: Effortlessly cool, bias cut, luxurious fabrics – the perfect simple wedding dress. Charlie Brear is the queen of styling, so customise your dress with bridal separates and additions in the form of tops or over skirts... #CharlieBrearBride

Designed and made in London and worn by Sienna Miller and Jessie Bush.

When you’re released into Charlie Brear’s unique and clever world of intricately beaded lace sleeves, delicate lace shrugs, sumptuous silk and over skirts, your options are endless.

The designs allow you greater customisation opportunities to create your own bespoke gown. The collection uses the details and accents of decades gone by to offer a contemporary take on vintage glamour. A true treasure trove of design genius!

Our Charlie Brear Wedding Dresses

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Jesus Peiro

Think: Structured, stunning elegance, perfectly cut to fit you. Never underestimate the power of clean lines... #MeghanMarkle

Designed in Barcelona, and made to measure in Spain.

The very beautiful Merche Segarra clearly designed the Jesus Peiro label with sophistication and elegance in mind. With such a contemporary and refined concept, you can see why we’re head over heels for them.

The finish and detailing on these cool little numbers is second to none, especially in their striking use and mix of fabrics. The meticulous care displayed in the finishes – always done by hand – and the exclusive embellishments explain the prestige Jesus Peiro has gained in bridal wear all over Europe.

Our Jesus Peiro Wedding Dresses

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Eliza Jane Howell

Think: Beaded glamour, with vintage deco touches and elegant yet attention-grabbing beading... #BeadedDresses

Designed in London by the incredible Gill Harvey and made and hand-beaded in India.

Named after Gill's grandmother, the Eliza Jane Howell Bridal Collection has been designed for the modern day bride who would love to wear a dress that oozes with the charm and opulence of the golden age of fashion.

With inspiration from exquisite vintage gowns, the Eliza Jane Howell collection is the epitome of grown-up glamour. The deco-inspired beaded designs are sophisticated, decadent and impossible not to feel wonderful in!

Our Eliza Jane Howell Wedding Dresses

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